Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Be still, my heart.

I'm beginning to really question myself now. What am I doing here? Am I making something of myself? Am I being the best that I can be? Am I living in the moment like I say I am? What do people think of me? What do they expect?
Can people see my true colors? If they do, are they good colors, or bad colors? Am I even colorful at all? Damn.
Amidst the unanswered questions, I always come back to those comforting thoughts: Soon enough, it'll be my day. My month. My year. Everyone will look at me and say, wow, you really did it. You're really something. Look at that. Wow. Yeah, I'll walk through the extremely heavy Starbucks glass door with a quad shot iced latte in my hand and I'll chuckle to myself, because I am better, and I am highly caffeinated.
Coming back to reality, I know that it'll take time and lots of dedication, but I can be what I want to be as long as I really want it. Everyone who tells me I can't can suck it. (You know who you are. Damn you.) This concludes my first official online blog. The end.

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